17 Unknown Facts To Know About Buying Shares In Tiktok

Introduction about buying shares in tik tok

Tik Tok is normally a video-sharing social networking service. The users use this app to create a short lip sync comedy and some talent videos. The length of these videos normally ranges between 3 to 15 seconds. The app belongs to a Beijing based company called ByteDance. One can do different things on Tik Tok. Some of the facts about “Can I buy TikTok Followers has been discussed in this article.

Few of the things that can be done on Tik Tok 

  • One can watch and create different videos. The videos can be uploaded or created in-app with the stop and start recording, the timers, and some other tools. Here the live streaming option is also there.
  • Tik Tok has got an extensive music library and this is in integration with Apple Music. Creators of the music video’s can add, save, remix, and discover the songs and sounds via the playlists, videos, and more.
  • TikTok users are allowed to follow the other accounts they like. They can give hearts, gifts, comments, or can share the videos they enjoy. The Videos, sounds, hashtags, and effects can be added to the user’s Favorites section.
  • The discover feed is all about the hashtags, but users can also search for some keywords, videos, other users, and sound effects. The users can add friends by searching by their username, or scanning the unique TikCode.
  • TikTok profiles show the exact summary of the number of followers along with the overall total number of hearts the user has received. As on Twitter and Instagram, the official accounts are given the blue checkmarks.

Some of the top facts about Tik Tok

  1. TikTok is the sixth-largest social networking site.
  2. Till date, this app has got more than 1.65 billion downloads.
  3. In the year 2019, TikTok was installed nearly equal to 738 million times making this as the second major downloaded app of the year.
  4. According to the Sensor Tower, in Q4 2019 Tik Tok is having 219 million app installs.
  5. The data from some source suggests that TikTok’s revenue is about $50 million in Q4 of 2019. Sensor Tower estimates the revenue is closer to $87 million. For comparison, in the same period, Snapchat earned revenue about $561 million.
  6. Most of the Tik Tok users belong to China.
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Buying the shares of Tik Tok

TikTok is a product mainly created by a Chinese parent company. The parent company ByteDance is still privately held, meaning the shares of the company are not available on the stock market yet. Bytedance is considered among the most valuable Internet startups which use artificial Intelligence to claim the degree of greater influence on the widening of the social networks of the world. This is normally owned by private equity. 

Some of the natural ways to get more shares in Tik Tok

If someone wants to get more views, shares, and likes on their Tik Tok videos, then they need to use some of the following points.

  • Add Tags to the videos: The users need to add the trending tags to get some more views and exposure.
  • Look Attractive. Whoever the user is, they need to look attractive and then they will get more likes, more likes on some TikTok videos means more shares and views.
  • Take Time while creating the videos: Some of the best content needs a lot of time to be created. Along with creating the best content, they need to take multiple shots and thus select the best one.
  • Sharing of the short Tik Tok videos on some other social media channels. As Tik Tk has got over 1 Billion Users, there are greater chances that the viewers will visit different pages.
  • A particular niche should be picked up and one should stick with it. One can’t do with every topic, so it will be better to stick with a topic and make the related videos about that topic.
  • Live Streams, in general, are the greatest way to build deeper relationships with the followers and strengthen the community. This allows the creators to answer the questions, share some knowledge, and engage people for an extended period. 
  • The user should frequently share the posts, videos. 
  • Challenges are the greatest way to increase audience engagement and attract the people who hear about the challenge. One can either create their challenge or participate in some challenges initiated by others. This is like some other social media engagement tools.
  • One can use other video editing apps to create impressive videos. The videos should be short and concise.
  • Sharing some new content at least twice daily will eventually get the user the massive following because it can improve the exposure the user’s videos are getting, but one must have to post videos at the right time. The correct time for content posting varies between 11 am to 5 pm. This is the timeframe in which the followers and their friends are very likely to use the app. One should know their audience and try to understand how frequently and in which hours someone is using the TikTok app. 

TikTok is a popular social media platform that people from all age groups enjoy. Like any other social media platform like Facebook, in Tiktok, every user has got a personal account. The users can also follow some accounts which normally post entertaining videos. People who normally produce original content for Tiktok and regularly upload them to achieve high success rates. But nowadays the competition is very hard, and it is becoming more challenging to be visible on the platform. If some users having the follower count is not sufficient for them or does not meet expectations, then one can buy the TikTok followers, shares, and views. Some websites offer different packages to buy the shares in Tik Tok. But instead of buying the views, shares, and likes one should for creating likes naturally as explained above.


The algorithms of the major social networks are unknown to their creators. Every platform should believe in the rule that they need to deliver the value. If someone’s main goal is to build a business and not become a lifestyle influencer, then their number one focus should be creating the best content that serves their audience.